Pacific Wine Marketing Group welcomes you to our website and the world of wines from the Caucasus Mountains which separate Europe from Asia. The Caucasus mountain region is an ancient part of the world steeped in mystery and very rich wine making traditions dating back more than 5,000 years. The Caucasus are made up of several countries which are nestled between Turkey and Russia and include Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

Pacific Wine Marketing Group has been established to market and sell the exceptional wines from the Caucasus region. Focused primarily on wines from the country of Georgia, Pacific Wine Marketing Group is currently working with Bagrationi 1882, Georgia's largest and most storied sparkling wine house. Recognized by leading wine experts as one of the 'unsung' wine-producing regions of the world, Georgia has some of the world's most ancient vines and a tradition for producing superior quality wines.

Bagrationi Wines